Become a Fellow

There’s no one thing that makes a great Fellow, but if you’re excited to dive headfirst into a startup, work hard, and apprentice yourself to a founder, this could be for you.

"Why I joined VFA"

As a college senior, Molly wasn't sure where she wanted to go next. Now, she's putting her design and branding skills to use at Focal Upright Furniture in Providence.

The VFA Experience

Startup experience, training, mentorship, friends, and cofounders. Once you join us, we'll give you what you need to make the most of your two years with us (and your career)....

"Hustling Hard in Cleveland"

Muhga Eltigani is the founder of NaturAll Club, a natural hair care startup. These days, everyone wants to join her team.

After VFA

We may be a two-year program, but it doesn’t stop there. Starting your own company? Need work advice? Alumni get access to resources and stay plugged into our network for life.

"Launching my company"

While he was a Fellow, Brian Rudolph '12 decided to start his own company— and took advantage of every opportunity VFA had to offer. Now we can barely keep up with him.

Ready to help build something?

Once you join VFA, we’ll help you find a fit with one of our 200+ partner companies that are changing the economies of cities across the country. Check out a few of them here, or meet them all below. Which team would you want to join?

New Orleans
LOVELAND Technologies

VFA is a nonprofit program that places our best and brightest at startups in emerging cities, helping build businesses, create jobs, and make an impact.

  • VFA trains top college grads…

  • And sends them to startups.

  • They spend two years building those companies…

  • … and launching their careers as entrepreneurs.

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How it works

Each year, we recruit and train a new group of recent grads to join startups in emerging cities across the country. After being selected, and trained for 5 weeks, you’ll hit the ground running and spend two years building a business while getting the experience you need to one day start a venture of your own.

Why bring VFA Fellows into your city? They’re smart. They’re energetic. And they’re ready to work hard. But what really sets them apart is that they’re prepared to make an impact in the places they move to — both within their companies and out in the world.

  • Attract talent for startups

    Get innovative companies the skilled & passionate people they need to grow

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  • Revitalize your city

    Attract bright, energetic young professionals to your community

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  • Stimulate job creation

    Startups in your city will grow, and some Fellows will even launch new ones

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