Meet our Alumni

So where are they now?

After spending two years learning the ins-and-outs of a startup, our Fellows know more about what they’re good at, what they want to learn more about, and are able to make some real decisions about their next steps (which for some, means staying put).

Some start their own companies, some stay at their current ones, and some find the next great organization they’re going to help build. Check out what a few of our alumni are up to below, or meet them all here!

Rebirth in the Free Press

Fellows founding companies: Meet the Castle guys.

What do an English major from Wesleyan, an engineer from Brown, and a coder from University of Oklahoma have in common? They all dove headfirst into the founder life immediately after their VFA graduation. They first joined forces for their Rebirth Realty project to restore an abandoned Detroit mansion, and now Max Nussenbaum, Tim Dingman, and Scott Lowe are spending their days building their company Castle, a rent collection app that will turn into a platform to streamline property management.

>>Meet the Castle guys

chelsea-1-600 (2)

Fellows hiring Fellows: Meet Chelsea, Roadtripper extraordinaire.

When Chelsea Koglmeier left her hometown of Cincinnati to spend a year teaching in Philadelphia, and then went off to Duke University, she never thought she’d be kicking off her post-grad career right back where she started. But after falling in love with local Cincy startup Roadtrippers when it was just a few months old, Chelsea became the sixth employee and has been helping to build the company as it’s grown to 60+ employees. This year, she even had the chance to bring 2014 Fellows aboard, and now she manages a team made up entirely of VFAers.

>>More about Chelsea’s story


Fellows keep building: Meet Brentt Baltimore

When Brentt Baltimore took an analyst position with an investment bank after graduating from Claremont McKenna college, he had no idea just two years later he’d be working for a VC firm and launching an education nonprofit in Detroit as a VFA Fellow. His commitment complete, Brentt has taken his talents to a startup founded by one of VFA’s board members and mentors on the West Coast. He joined his new team so early, he can’t even tell us exactly what he’s working on (but we like to take guesses of our own)!

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