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The VFA Podcast: Brian Rudolph, 2012 Fellow & CEO of Banza, on the hustle to build a pasta empire

Listen to the most recent episode of Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast, a original in collaboration with CBS! So far on the Venture for America Podcast, we've heard from some of our favorite entrepreneurs — but we're even more excited than usual to introduce this week's guest. Joining host Jeremy Shinewald is our very own Brian Rudolph, a 2012 Fellow and the co-founder and CEO of Banza, a chickpea pasta company…

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2015 Training Camp: A look back at Week 1

We're back in one of our favorite cities (hey Providence!), and VFA Training Camp is officially underway. The 2015 class is rolling deep this year, with 122 top-notch Fellows who are more than up to the challenge of our 5-week startup bootcamp. Week 1 was jam packed with guest speakers, world-class trainers, and high-intensity team challenges– and the Fellows proved they're not here to mess around (except, of course, when a team challenge involves choreographed song and dance). Check…

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The VFA Podcast: Alexandra Wilkis Wilson on founding Gilt Groupe, different entrepreneurial archetypes, and having her best week every week

Listen to the most recent episode of Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast, a original in collaboration with CBS! This week, host Jeremy Shinewald sits down with Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, co-founder of Gilt Groupe and CEO of Glamsquad, a New York City-based beauty provider that delivers professional and affordable hair, makeup and nail services to customers' apartments, offices, hotels — wherever a blowout is needed. It's like Seamless for looking really, really good. Alexandra describes the…

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Want a New Website? You May Have to Put in a Lot of Work to Get One

By Andrew Yang June 17, 2015 Originally published on T hree of Venture for America’s fellows -- Mike Wilner, Taylor Sundali, and Matt Fulton -- noticed that over 50 percent of small businesses don’t have a website, and of those that do, over 90 percent aren’t optimized for mobile visitors. So, they started a company, Compass, to address this. I believe that Compass is going to become a multi-million dollar business in the coming years.…

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The Myth of the A-Player

Mike Tarullo is SVP of Corporate Development at Venture for America. Mike has ran and managed nearly every department at VFA and most recently has focused his efforts on helping Fellows build companies via our seed fund, the VFA Accelerator and Innovation Fund.  Read on for his advice on how to effectively manage up and follow his thoughts on jobs, learning and startups on his blog "Outside the Echo Chamber".  We’ve been told never to compromise in hiring. Everyone…

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Does Innovation Disrupt Job Growth?

By Andrew Yang June 3, 2015 Originally published on T he other day I was chatting with an optometrist and asked how business was. “To be honest, I just sold my practice and felt very lucky to do so," he told me. "We make most of our money selling glasses, and a company called Warby Parker was eating my lunch. Young people weren’t coming into the shop to buy glasses anymore.” That conversation got me…

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