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Meet Team VFA: Laila Selim

In case you haven't heard, we kind of love our jobs here at VFA HQ. We get to hang out with our incredible Fellows, identify the next generation of entrepreneurs, find founders and teams who are building something great, and proudly shout from the rooftops about our work in some of the coolest cities across the country. But the best thing about being part of Team VFA has to be spending every day with the talented, hard-working, epicly hilarious crew that makes the program happen. …

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Why Marketing at a Startup is Different From Mad Men

About the Author: Melanie Friedrichs College or University: Brown University Fellow Class: 2012 VFA City: Providence VFA Company: Andera Where are you now? Masters program at the London School of Economics When I started my job as a Marketing Coordinator at Andera, I didn't know what to expect. My aggressively liberal arts university didn't offer any marketing courses, or even a proper business major. Working off of "Mad Men" and an article I had read about how Target used customer…

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A Manager’s Guide to Managing Up

Mike Tarullo is SVP of Corporate Development at Venture for America. Mike has ran and managed nearly every department at VFA and most recently has focused his efforts on helping Fellows build companies via our seed fund, the VFA Accelerator and Innovation Fund.  Read on for his advice on how to effectively manage up and follow his thoughts on jobs, learning and startups on his blog "Outside the Echo Chamber".  I learned a lot during my first startup gig.…

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Questionable Questions: Avoid without question.

By Lauren Gill, VFA Talent Guru Read any interview tips article, and it’ll tell you that preparation is key to nailing a job interview. I couldn’t agree more. Most people focus on being able to effectively answer questions in an interview, but crafting smart questions to ask is essential. When someone asks me an easily google-able question like, “How many Fellows are there,” I can’t help but think: “Next, please!” A thoughtful, pointed question, however-- one…

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Endangered Species: Young U.S. Entrepreneurs

This week, the Wall St. Journal published an article that shines a much-needed spotlight on a major problem our country faces: entrepreneurship in the U.S. is on the decline, and has been for decades-- particularly among young people. "Endangered Species: Young U.S. Entrepreneurs" points out that even though there's a widely held notion that 20-somethings in our country are a generation of "entrepreneurial risk-takers," the data tells a different story. >>Check out the full article here…

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Thank you & end of year update

Dear VFA friends and supporters, When I started Venture for America in 2011, I believed that we weren’t asking enough of our young people. We needed more of them to take on the challenge of building a new business or organization. Through this, they’d create new opportunities for themselves and others. They would also become the kind of people who could have a positive impact on our economy and country as a whole. Building a new…

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