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Meet Our Fellow Founders: Sky Mutual

The Venture for America Accelerator is a 3-month program designed to support and catalyze the launch of our Fellow-founded companies. Based in Philadelphia, the Fellows and their teams are provided coworking space at First Round Capital, weekly programming, and access to VFA’s network of mentors, advisors, and investors. This year, five teams have hit the ground running in Philly, continuing to develop their businesses and preparing to become full-time founders at the conclusion of their Fellowship…

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The VFA Podcast: Dan Porter on being the President of TFA, creating three #1 iPhone Apps and annoying Steve Jobs

Check out the second episode of Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast, a original in collaboration with CBS! Couldn't get enough of the interview with VFA Founder & CEO, Andrew Yang? We're back. This week, our host Jeremy Shinewald, along with guest host Miles Lasater, sits down with Dan Porter, former President of Teach for America, serial entrepreneur, and current Board Member of Venture for America. Dan may be most well known for…

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Want to Cure Income Inequality? The Answer is Entrepreneurship

By Andrew Yang May 19, 2015 A version of this article was originally published on O ne of the most pressing issues for our society today is income inequality. That is, the rich get richer while the poor struggle to access meaningful opportunities. Janet Yellen, President Obama, and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich have all cited it as a growing concern for our economic well-being. Equally troubling is the sense that the primary path…

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Why I Went VFA: Rafael De Armas

Rafael grew up in Caracas, Venezuela where he was first inspired to be an entrepreneur by watching his father build a successful newspaper and media company. He moved to the U.S. in 2007 where he's earned two degrees: a BA in Business Administration from Florida International University and a BS in Computer Science from the University of Miami. Between these two degrees, Rafael spent two years co-founding and building an office and cleaning supply company in…

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Introducing Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast

We couldn't be more excited to announce the launch of Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast, a original in collaboration with CBS Radio! Building things is really hard and entrepreneurship is often portrayed in the media as the “sexy,” or even worse, “easy” career path. Rarely do we hear the real stories of struggle, resiliency, and even failure – the stress of staying just ahead of payroll, the cost of making…

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Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship

By Andrew Yang May 11, 2015 I ’m very proud to share that I was named a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and am heading to the White House today. I’m proud to join the likes of Steve Case, Reid Hoffman, Tory Burch, Sal Khan, and Daymond John in an incredible group. I started Venture for America because I remember what it’s like to be a struggling entrepreneur myself. My first company flopped back in 2001.…

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