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You can’t multitask, either

Mike Tarullo is SVP of Corporate Development at Venture for America. Mike has run and managed nearly every department at VFA and most recently has focused his efforts on helping Fellows build companies via our seed fund, the VFA Accelerator and Innovation Fund.  Read on for his advice on prioritizing and productivity and follow his thoughts on jobs, learning and startups on his blog "Outside the Echo Chamber".  We’ve all been told that there are seven habits of highly effective…

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Why I Went VFA: Lizzie McDonald

When it comes to the stories of how our Fellows chose VFA, no two are the same. We wanted to check in with our upcoming class of 2015 Fellows and hear why they made the move to go VFA. Lizzie, a native of Mobile, Alabama, will graduate as an honors student from Tulane University with a degree in Marketing and an Entrepreneurship specialization. She discovered her passion for entrepreneurship at the young age of 9 when she and a friend…

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Silicon Valley, please don’t forget the rest of America

By Andrew Yang March 23, 2015 Originally published on A s entrepreneurs, you, the builders of Silicon Valley, are our heroes and role models. You have forged a place where billion-dollar companies that didn’t exist a decade ago dominate the landscape. A place where “entrepreneur” is actually a respected career path as opposed to a cue for confused follow-up questions. Where investors regularly plunk down $10 million bets on untried ideas, and they actually work…

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Summer Celebration Tickets Are On Sale!

We don’t know about you, but here at VFA HQ, we are just about finished with winter. That’s why we are so excited to announce that Summer Celebration tickets are finally on sale! Join our friends, Fellows, and supporters to celebrate clear skies and sunny days at the annual #vfaparty on June 4th at the IAC HQ. This year, Rackspace Co-Founder and Chairman, Graham Weston, will join us for a keynote address about his work in…

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The Origins of an Urban Cross-Stitch

Fiona O’Leary Sloan is a 2013 Venture for America Fellow working as an urban planning consultant with U3 Advisors in Detroit, MI. She recently launched IARA (pronounced yiah-rah), an artisanal, handmade, and individually designed line of beaded jewelry, as part of the VFA Innovation Fund. Support Fiona and IARA by visiting her Indiegogo page. Last summer, I was mugged. I was heading to after-dinner drinks with a couple of friends when three men approached us, stole…

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VFA Accelerator: Meet the Fellows!

We’re heading into week three of the VFA Accelerator in Philadelphia, and our six participating teams are off to quite a start.  They’ve been busy coding like crazy, selling everything from boxers to weather insurance, and choosing their company names (no pressure). After setting up shop at VFA HQ in New York for two days of mentor “speed-dating” and some quality VFA bonding time, the teams are back in Philly working away. So who are these…

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