VFA Company Spotlight- Federated Sample

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Venture for America Company Spotlight with Federated Sample located in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Federated Sample is a market research technology firm focused on bringing efficiency and automation to sampling through the Fulcrum Platform. Fulcrum is the world’s first complete project management suite to give clients the power to seamlessly integrate multiple suppliers, increase productivity and reduce costs. Ranging from vertically integrated research firms to sample suppliers, clients who license Fulcrum enjoy increased efficiency and with minimal technology development costs. This simplified survey management platform boasts white-labeled routing and improved respondent experience all while giving clients exceptional control and sample quality. For more information, visit www.federatedsample.com.

Project Manager, Brook Bissinger, and VP of Finance and Administration, Christy Luquire tells us more:

1. Tell us about Federated Sample.

Federated Sample started when Patrick Comer, Founder and CEO, realized he could solve many of the inefficiencies in the Market Research Sampling world with a new centralized platform. The Company was incorporated in March of 2010 and has seen incredible growth over the last 18 months.

The company is venture backed with 24 employees and offices in New Orleans (headquarters), New York and Los Angeles plus satellite offices in Charleston, SC and Barcelona, Spain.

2. Name a fun fact about Federated Sample.

Federated Sample…

  • …sends King Cakes to our clients each year
  • …is known for our FED Lime
  • …plays in a company-wide Fantasy Football league. Winner gets an extra day of vacation! 

3. What does your ideal Venture Fellow look like?

FED employees must be excited to learn a new industry and think creatively. With exceptional communication and excel skills, this person will be excited to dig in and soak up everything that is going on with our growing company.

We take calculated risks and think on our feet, anyone that is part of the FED team must keep up!

4. What does the daily office routine look like?

Fulcrum is a web-based platform, so FED employees can work anywhere internet access is available. However, we like our co-workers and are inspired by being in the office and talking through the latest developments and improvements to the platform. Our office is relaxed and friendly and although all employees are focused and busy with their daily routine, we always find ways to liven up the atmosphere.

With headquarters on the edge of the French Quarter in New Orleans, we often experience lively interruptions with impromptu parades on Canal Street, parties at Harrah’s Casino or HUGE cruise ships passing through down the Mississippi river.

To find out more about Federated Sample:

Web: http://www.federatedsample.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/FederatedSample
Twitter: @FedSample