Keeping up with the Fellows

Even while our fellows are off in their cities working hard to contribute at their startups, they’re never too busy for a guest blog post or two…

Max Nussenbaum, who now works at Are You a Human in Detroit, recently wrote a blog post called “Are You a Human and Me: A Love Story”. His story, guaranteed to give you a good laugh, details his journey from lost college senior to VFA fellow to his company’s newest “Human”. (Photo cred to fellow Kathy Cheng!)

Ovik Banerjee also recently shared his “quarter life crisis” story in a guest blog post for The Good Men Project called Adventuring Forth. He never imagined that he’d be working at a startup, but Ovik explains in his post why he feels lucky he found VFA and now has the opportunity to become a “catalyst of change”. Currently, Ovik is working as a “Swiss Army Knife” at the Downtown Project in Las Vegas, helping with their education initiative while dabbling in a little bit of everything else.

Check back regularly to keep up with our fellows and see what they’re doing in their cites!