Hire a Fellow

Looking for top talent? Hire a VFA Fellow to help build your business while you help them grow.


Apply to hire a Fellow: Company Partner Application


We’re on the hunt for promising companies with leaders and teams who will give our Fellows the experience of a lifetime.

Our Fellows are excited to learn how to build lasting businesses, join young companies with strong cultures, and grow alongside your team. Whether you’re looking for a high potential product manager, a natural salesperson, or your right-hand (wo)man, our team will work with you to find a great fit.

The nuts and bolts…

  • Fellows are hired as full-time team members with at-will employment status – just like your other employees
  • VFA partner companies are responsible for compensation and benefits (starting salary of $38K, equity encouraged when appropriate)
  • Fellows start work in early August, following graduation and VFA’s 5-week startup bootcamp
  • Interviews between companies and Fellows occur March to June, but we recruit companies throughout the year and are happy to learn more about your culture and hiring needs
If you have any other questions once you fill out your application, just drop us a line at companies@ventureforamerica.org and we’ll talk with you soon.