The VFA Experience

Venture for America is more than a two-year fellowship—it's a tight-knit community and a lifelong resource. Find out what it means to launch your career with us.

How it Works

VFA recruits and trains top college grads

Connects them to startups around the country

They spend two years building those companies

Then launch their careers as entrepreneurs

Step 01

Apply to VFA

We have several identical deadlines throughout the year. Some Fellows say they knew VFA was right for them when they read our application.

How to apply
You'll accept your offer letter before May.
Step 02

Interview with our partner companies

Once you join VFA, you'll apply for a full-time, salaried job within our network of vetted companies.

The interview process
Most Fellows have jobs secured before starting Training Camp in June.
Step 03

Training Camp

A five-week program that prepares you to excel in a fast-paced, high-intensity startup environment.

What you'll learn
Training Camp takes place over five weeks during June and July.
Step 04

Move to your city

After Training Camp, it's time to settle down in your new city—and begin making a home.

Where Fellows live
Fellows typically move in August.
Step 05

Start your job

Fellows join challenging professional environments as full-time, salaried employees. They’re expected to work proactively and tackle problems without a lot of direction. It will be tough, and you'll grow more than you can imagine.

What you'll do
Most Fellows start work in August or September.

Year Two, Launch, and Beyond

As a Fellow, you’ll work with one of our company partners for two years. During that time, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take advantage of our Launch resources—from working on a side project at our annual all-class reunion to validating an idea through the Innovation Fund, our annual crowdfunding competition.
Two years after Training Camp, you’ll graduate with your class—but that’s not the end of your relationship with VFA. You’ll still have access to Launch resources and the VFA team, and a network of friends to last you a lifetime. Read more about our alumni.
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