Mandy Marcus

Mandy grew up in the tightly-packed but picturesque suburb of Maplewood, New Jersey where she spent most of her free time seeking out independent and international cinema. Her love of the silver screen led her to the Media Studies program at Pomona College. In keeping with her youth, Mandy generally ignored the beautiful Californian weather in favor of a basement college radio station, dark DIY music venues, and pitch-black movie theaters. Post-college, Mandy explored the entertainment industry at Distiller Promo and The Orchard, but like all of Isa Ballard’s closest friends, she soon found herself drawn to VFA’s inspiring credo, impressive Fellows, and awesome team.

Off the clock Mandy enjoys dancing the night away at New York Night Train (a legendary soul dance party), brunch movies at Nitehawk Cinema, and repping New Jersey and LA louder than strictly necessary.

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