Victor Bartash

Victor’s entrepreneurial spirit was forged at the ripe old age of ten when his mom pushed him out front at the local flea market to sell his (very rare) collection of Beanie Babies. Ever since, he’s been embracing the hustler in him that can only be the mark of a kid from Jersey. After leaving the sleepy beach community in which he grew up, Victor earned a degree in biology from Brown, but ultimately decided against the med school path. Instead, he bootstrapped the launch of a social-enterprise brewery through MassChallenge, an accelerator in Boston where his startup pitched its way to the top of the 2013 Class (by serving beer to the judges, duh). It was there he realized how truly vibrant and downright fun the entrepreneurial community could be. After his brewery closed in 2014, he joined VFA on the Talent team to help run their recruitment and selection operation. Above all, Victor wholeheartedly supports everything about the Williams sisters. (Serena and Venus, please call him!) And, while Beanie Babies are sadly a thing of his past, he’ll always be a proud kid of the ‘90s.

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