Victor Bartash

A New Jersey native, Victor left the sleepy beach community where he grew up to earn his degree in biology from Brown, but ultimately took a left turn when deciding how to begin his post-graduate career. He worked in the craft beer industry for two years, launching a small social-enterprise brewery through MassChallenge’s 2013 accelerator, which his startup went on to win. It was through that experience that he learned the importance of apprenticeship and how challenging but downright empowering starting a business can be. After his team stepped away from the brewery in 2015, he joined VFA to help run their recruitment and selection operation, and is currently learning Tableau to improve VFA’s use of data. Some of his inspirations: the Williams sisters, Daft Punk, reality TV, and burning really nice incense. Victor is also a certified aromatherapist and recently has been re-learning his pipetting skills that he picked up at Brown to help out at an independent perfume lab.

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