March 8, 2017

Interview with Kate Ryder, Founder & CEO of Maven

Kate Ryder grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs – her father and grandparents on both sides of the family started their own businesses and set the stage for Kate’s future career. When she graduated from college, Kate dreamed of becoming a writer. She made her way through the journalism network, landing jobs at the New Yorker, writing for Hank Paulson, and eventually at the Economist, where she spent 2.5 years traveling and reporting for the prestigious magazine. With the goal of eventually launching her own venture, Kate moved on to become an early stage investor at Index Ventures. Recognizing that the women’s healthcare market is incredibly underserved, Kate started Maven, a digital clinic for women that connects patients with healthcare practitioners anywhere, anytime. Kate has been building Maven since April 2015 and has expanded to same day prescription services and Maven Maternity, which helps and supports women from pregnancy through childbirth, postpartum, and returning to the workplace. We’re proud to celebrate all that Kate and Maven are doing for women on International Women’s Day. Show your support by listening to this incredible story and sharing the interview with all of the women (and men) you admire and respect!
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