October 8, 2020

My Life as a New Fellow: Maya Bostick

Hey! I’m Maya Bostick, a recent graduate of Spelman College with a degree in psychology. I’m originally from Washington D.C. but I moved to Atlanta for college. I just moved to Detroit to start my role as the new Community Manager/Content Creator at Healthy Roots Dolls
When I received my offer I was elated. I was excited to get off of Match and join a company that was perfectly aligned with my personal and professional goals. I received my offer letter two weeks before Training Camp ended. I signed the letter the last week and moved to Detroit within those two weeks; my lease was up in Atlanta July 31 and I moved into my new place on August 14. Everything was moving so fast that I lost track of a schedule. 
Moving in a global pandemic had its pros and cons. It felt great to be on a road trip with no traffic because everyone is at home. But the con is that once I moved to my new city I really couldn’t enjoy it because everyone is at home. Being in a new place and not knowing anyone beyond my roommates or Fellows that I connected with via GroupMe felt weird. However, the bright side is that the money that I’m making is only spent on bills because there’s only so much to do during COVID. 
Now, switching to working full-time for the first time was hard. Nobody explains to you after you graduate college it will be this grey area where you do not know if you’re doing well in your job. Sometimes you still feel like an intern and that any little mistake you make will get you fired. It’s a lot not to feel overwhelmed. Plus, learning your job and creating a routine for yourself in the midst of being “new” has been difficult for me. I’ve always been a person who has a schedule, likes to plan things out, and understands the quality of my work. School conditions people to get validation for everything.
We are used to submitting an assignment then getting a grade that tells you how you did. But at work, there are so many different tasks, so much to learn, and then you feel the pressure as if you should have known all of this from the start. Being full-time for the first time is 100% an adjustment that does not happen overnight. But to combat  this, I’ve been telling myself that I have to be patient, growth is a process, and I wouldn’t have been hired if my boss did not believe that I could do the work. 
In all, I’m so blessed and happy to work at a company I love. I’m bummed that I cannot explore my new city or not even see the team I am working with in person. Nevertheless, I’m excited for the future and my growth in my role as I continue to learn what work and doesn’t. I’m not afraid of anything and I’ll keep taking things day-by-day.

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