Our Vision

Venture for America’s Strategic Plan for the Next Three Years & Beyond

Vision 2020: Setting Our Sights on the Future

Venture for America started in 2011 with little more than a bold vision, a handful of tirelessly dedicated team members, $200,000 in funding and the audacious belief that these ingredients could create something transformative. After six years in operation, with a budget that had grown over 30x, hundreds of incredible Fellows and Alumni, and a full time team of over 30, we realized that it was the right time to step back, assess our progress, and formally chart our way forward.

From six months, we assembled a planning committee of VFA Board members, senior leadership and Alumni to create this plan. Through stakeholder analysis, theory of change exploration and action planning, this strategic planning process allowed us to shape a new mission statement, identify the three key program pillars that will enable to achieve this mission, craft a strategy screen to evaluate all new and existing initiatives, and much more.

Our Mission

Venture for America is creating economic opportunity in American cities by mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs and equipping them with the skills and resources they need to create jobs.

Key Program Pillars


Deepening our impact on our cities


Creating the next generation of entrepreneurs


Becoming an onramp to entrepreneurship

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