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We're looking for tomorrow's startup leaders and founders. If you've ever thought about using your career to make an impact, read on to see how you can become a VFA Fellow.

There is no courage without risk

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create economic opportunity, strengthen cities, and change the landscape of American innovation.

But it takes more than just an entrepreneurial spirit to build things that really matter. It takes integrity, commitment to hard work, and the optimism to build something better than what currently exists.

It also takes support—exactly what VFA provides. With an unparalleled community, a network of experienced mentors & advisors, and the training to go from an idea to a business, our program is designed to turn our Fellows into startup leaders and founders.

What you do after college matters so much—not just in the content of what you're doing everyday, but in the people you surround yourself with. You're going to learn a ton, probably have to make a lot of choices, and figure out who you are and what you want to do in the world. Being surrounded by a group of the most inspirational, wacky, brilliant people that you'll ever meet can do wonders for you ability to wrestle with those questions. I can't think of a better place to be after college than VFA.

– Hetali Lodaya '14
Is VFA for You?

Is VFA for You?

There’s no formula for a great Fellow. All kinds of skills, experiences, and backgrounds can help a person succeed as a startup employee or founder—our Fellows are proof of that.

There are a few things we look for in every applicant: integrity, the ability to contribute from day one, and a commitment to our mission.

If you’re ready to work hard and create opportunities where they’re needed, VFA might be the right next step for you.

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How to Apply

We have no hard cap on the number of Fellows in a class. We accept every candidate who we think would be a great fit—which means we’re on your side through the entire four-part process.

With our activities submission, written essay, video interview, and full-day in-person interview, our goal is to get to know you as a whole person to make sure our program is the right fit for your future goals.

Life as a VFA Fellow

Life as a VFA Fellow

Once you’re admitted to VFA, your journey as a Fellow will begin.

First, you’ll find a job from within our network of sourced startups. Then, you’ll spend a month at Training Camp, learning the hard and soft skills you’ll need to excel at a startup. After Training Camp, you’ll work for two years at a high-growth company in one of our 14 cities, learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Along the way, you’ll be part of our tight-knit community of likeminded builders and have access to the resources that will help you build something of your own, from community initiatives to startups.

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Life After VFA

Our alumni can tell you: VFA isn’t over after your two years as a Fellow. We offer our alumni continued training, access to our mentor network, and plenty of opportunities to stay in touch and reconnect with their fellow Fellows—plus resources like our seed fund and accelerator, which have helped our Alumni launch companies of their own.

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