Magic City has become one of the fastest-growing market in the VFA network since Fellows arrived in 2015!

Still Making the Magic Happen

The iron industry boomed so quickly in Birmingham, the city earned its nickname as the “Magic City.” Today, Birmingham is keeping true to its innovative roots and tapping into its historical strengths to build a new generation of businesses. Logistics management and warehousing operations have long dominated the Birmingham market, and startups in these spaces are key players here, like Fleetio and Shipt.

Another area where Birmingham shines is health care. Startups like Pack Health benefit from the close proximity to University of Alabama at Birmingham, with its internationally renowned research facilities and medical center.

It’s not all work and no play in the Magic City. The local food and beverage scene is quickly making Birmingham a culinary capital in the south. The city has more James Beard award winners per capita than any other.

Further, this generation’s leaders are committed to making sure Birmingham is a place rife with opportunity for all its citizens. The local culture is known for being hospitable, inclusive, and welcoming.

VFA Birmingham By The Numbers


Year VFA launched in Birmingham

83 Fellows

Placed in Birmingham

43 Company Partners

Have hired VFA Fellows

How Fellows describe Birmingham

"The community leaders are genuine about rooting for the younger generation and therefore, invest time and money to propel us to succeed."

Ying Lin '16

"I'm from New England and was nervous to move to Alabama. However, everyone I've met has been insanely welcoming."

Lydia Zaleski '18

"I really enjoy how welcoming the Birmingham business community is. They really valued having Fellows in the city and want to be partners in our early careers!"

Benjamin Weinberg '18

Where Fellows Work in Birmingham

The ecosystem in Birmingham is well connected with an impressively supportive community. Startups represent a wide range of verticals from mental health and ag-tech to capital management and logistics.

Fleet maintenance software for fleets of all sizes

On-demand grocery delivery service

Provides a management solution for practitioners

Promotes the tech ecosystem in Birmingham

What Fellows Love about Birmingham

"Hikes and camping, concerts and shows, local sporting events or watch parties."

Maxen Haveles, '17 Fellow

"Fellows are open to sharing their homes and we often bounce around peoples' apartments and then mosey on down to favorite local restaurants."

Jeff Biestek, '17 Fellow

"There are tons of opportunities to plug in, and people will actually help you when asked."

Yuval Yossefy, '17 Fellow

As I got to understand what VFA is, I quickly realized that this is the brain train back to Birmingham.

– Dennis Leonard, Alabama Power
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