Andrew Yang Steps Down from Venture for America Board of Directors

Andrew Yang, founder of VFA, served our organization as its first CEO for several years before leaving the post this past summer to pursue a new chapter.  He is completing work on his second non-fiction book, which is scheduled for publication in spring 2018.  Andrew has also begun to contemplate running for elected office.  Accordingly, he will be stepping down as a member of our Board of Directors.

As the founder of VFA and then as a member of its Board of Directors, Andrew has led our organization from its creation through its infancy to its current status as a thriving non-profit impacting so many around the country.  As Andrew steps down from the VFA Board this December, he leaves a powerful legacy of entrepreneurial leadership, culminating in several hundred young graduates working hard in small businesses and start-ups across the U.S.  We salute his ambition and vision and wish him well as he embarks on his next service odyssey.

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