Fellow Spotlight: Scott Lowe, University of Oklahoma


Name: Scott Lowe

Hometown: Muskogee, OK

University: University of Oklahoma ‘12

Major: Engineering Physics


What led you to apply for Venture for America?

It seemed like a great opportunity that met both of my job requirements: high impact as well as intellectually, professionally, and personally rewarding.

What were you doing when you found out you were accepted?

I was reading in my room. I promptly called my mother, posted to Facebook, then went back to reading.

Now that you’re a fellow, what are you most excited about with regard to VFA? What do you hope to accomplish?

Perhaps I’m a bit ambitious here, but I would ideally like to feel completely prepared to build a company from scratch after my VFA experience.

If you had to live one place for the rest of your life, where would you choose?

This is a question I can’t answer lightly; I simply don’t have enough information. With a gun to my head, I would pick a warm beach.

Best thing about University of Oklahoma: Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth, bar none.

Favorite Book: The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. It really changed my perspective on being human.

Favorite childhood TV show: I loved a lot of shows. A representative sample includes Power Rangers, Dragonball Z, Monster Garage, BattleBots, South Park and Family Guy.

Favorite meal: Panang Curry at Thai Delight in Norman, Oklahoma. Note, this changes regularly.

Role model: Christopher Hitchens

Favorite holiday: Christmas. Everyone is decidedly happier, I get to spend time with the family, and presents are awesome.

Best class you’ve ever taken: Politics of US Economic Policy with Dr. David Ray at OU. Take it.

Favorite movie quote: “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” -Fight Club

Favorite thing to do on Sunday: Catch up on things that didn’t get done on the other six days.

Favorite entrepreneur: Thomas Jefferson

Favorite cereal: Chocolate Marshmallow Mateys; it’s a chocolate knock-off of Lucky Charms.

Most worn article of clothing: My purple hoodie. In fact, I’m wearing it right now.

Favorite sports team: OKC Thunder! Truthfully, I don’t much care for sports, but I was really excited that Oklahoma now has a professional sports team.

Best trip you’ve ever been on: Christmas Break senior year. Me, my two roommates, and two fellow engineering physics seniors went on a cross country road trip. We hit Chicago, New York, Boston, and Knoxville in seven days. It was filled with more sleeping in cars and dubstep than you can imagine.

Favorite historical figure: Too many good ones to pick a favorite. I’m a big fan of Thomas Jefferson, Richard Feynman, Abraham Lincoln, Adam Smith, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Martin Luther King Jr., and Carl Sagan just to name a few.

Accomplishment you’re most proud of: I had to pick between VFA and an offer from a Dallas startup the day our offer was due, but I couldn’t decide. I went back and forth all night, built a pro/con matrix, spoke with my mentors, but I still couldn’t decide. I resolved to flip a coin and have’t looked back since.

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