Introducing Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast, a original in collaboration with CBS Radio!

Building things is really hard and entrepreneurship is often portrayed in the media as the “sexy,” or even worse, “easy” career path. Rarely do we hear the real stories of struggle, resiliency, and even failure – the stress of staying just ahead of payroll, the cost of making the wrong hire (or the transformation that comes with the right one), the sacrifices of personal time, the heartache of the wrong investment in a new product/service and much more.

Through this series, we plan to pull back the curtain and tell the gritty stories of entrepreneurship, highlighting an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, from the individual who quietly bootstrapped her way to an empire to the popular venture backed success stories that are grabbing our headlines. In short, we are striving to create a relaxed environment where entrepreneurs feel free to tell their stories. Subscribe to The Venture for America Podcast to hear these amazing stories each week.

Hosting the weekly show will be Jeremy Shinewald, founder of a portfolio of companies dedicated to supporting the unique aspirations of students and professionals. Jeremy’s firms include mbaMission and jdMission (admissions advisory services for prospective MBAs and lawyers), MBA Career Coaches (career coaching for MBA students and post-MBA professionals) and M7 Financial (accessing graduate student loans). Jeremy was also a founding Venture for America Board Member and is currently the Chair of VFA’s Entrepreneur Board.

In this pilot episode, Jeremy sits down with Venture for America Founder & CEO and longtime friend, Andrew Yang, to chat about life as a dissatisfied lawyer, how he recovered from launching a failed startup and the inspiration for building Venture for America from the ground up.


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