Press Release: Announcing Venture for America’s New Executive in Residence Program


While Silicon Valley prospers, some US cities struggle to recruit and retain the talent and resources they need to thrive. Together with top executives, we’re doing something to change that.

For the last five years we have channeled our passion for helping communities through entrepreneurship, and the resources from our generous supporters, into connecting the most energetic, dedicated, and ambitious recent grads with startups in cities that need their talent.

Despite all our Fellows and partner companies have accomplished, regional economies are more divergent than ever, and we are even more committed to working to bridge the wealth and opportunity gaps that exist throughout the country.

There is more to do. And we’re up to the challenge.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Executive in Residence (EIR) Program –– a new initiative that will bring executives from tech companies to cities where our Fellows already work. For one year, executives from Slack, LinkedIn, and others, will trade Silicon Valley for a VFA city and pull from the lessons they’ve learned in tech to serve as resources to the local innovation and entrepreneurship communities – advising entrepreneurs, activating their networks, and growing alongside the startup ecosystem.

There is no shortage of real problems to be solved or daring risk takers dedicated to working hard to build the right solution in our cities. We’ve just got to get them there.

– The Venture for America Team


Meet VFA’s first EIR—Leslie Miley, former Director of Engineering at Slack 

Leslie Miley is a Silicon Valley native who has worked in engineering leadership roles at Slack, Twitter, Apple, and Google. He got his start in technology taking apart cable tv set top boxes, moved on to building his own computers and teaching himself programming languages. You can find him either in the kitchen playing Iron Chef, playing fetch with his cat, or trying to learn Spanish. He serves as an advisor to several startups founded by women and minorities and is an investor in a fund dedicated to diverse entrepreneurs.

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