Press Release: Scotwork North America Partners with Venture For America

BEDMINSTER, NJ – Aug. 25, 2020 – Scotwork North America announced today their partnership with Venture For America. This collaboration comes in an effort to transform and influence how the next generation of entrepreneurs and dealmakers negotiate.


“There’s a tremendous amount of conflict in this world and being able to resolve it efficiently and effectively is critical to our collective success,” says Brian Buck, CEO of Scotwork North America. “The next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders will need to be more adept at creating mutually valuable deals while building and maintaining strong relationships. For that, we’re very excited to partner with Venture For America in their pursuit of mobilizing the next generation of entrepreneurs.”


Venture For America is a two-year Fellowship for recent college graduates who want to become entrepreneurs and build companies. For more than 45 years, Scotwork has been committed to helping businesses be more successful at dealmaking, conflict resolution, and creating negotiation cultures that produce consistent results. Scotwork has committed resources and support to help VFA’s fellowship community take on the current and future challenges all businesses face.


“Our partnership with Scotwork adds depth to the programs VFA offers our Fellows as we equip them with the essential skills they need to  become startup leaders, create jobs, and flourish as entrepreneurs,” said Venture For America CEO Amy Nelson. “Scotwork’s negotiating expertise is world-renowned, and aligns perfectly with the professional development objectives we set for our Fellowship community, arming Fellows with a toolkit that will serve them well into the future.”


Working together both Scotwork and VFA are thrilled to be on the front lines of business change at a time when business change has never been more extreme or challenging. It is our shared belief that our joint efforts on this front will result in a long-lasting, positive impact on America’s business culture.


About Scotwork North America

Scotwork is the world’s leading negotiation consulting firm. Their mission is to transform the way the world negotiates. They help our clients gain more valuable deals, resolve conflicts faster, strengthen relationships, and create a dealmaking culture that produces consistent results. They do this through our proven approach to negotiation consulting, advising, and skills development.

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