The VFA Podcast: Will Nathan on using more of your brain, how disagreement can make your startup stronger, and the core value of keeping it fun

Listen to the fourth installment of Smart People Should Build Things: The Venture for America Podcast, a original in collaboration with CBS!

In the latest episode, our host Jeremy Shinewald sits down with Will Nathan, a VFA supporter whose entrepreneurial instincts took him from a comfortable career in finance to co-founding Homepolish, a bootstrapped interior design startup. The idea for Homepolish was born out of a real need Will faced: he struggled to find an interior designer to help him furnish his new apartment with a comparatively small budget, and the whole process lacked transparency. Luckily, Will met his eventual co-founder—interior designer Noa Santos—and the pair hit it off, making Will’s apartment dreams come true. (In fact, Will is pretty sure that decorating a space together successfully, with all its expenses and stresses, is a pretty good test of professional compatibility.) Soon after, Homepolish was born. 

To hear Will talk about confronting your weaknesses, why he views working too many hours as a “cop out”, and building what’s on your Pinterest board (both literally and figuratively), download the latest episode.

About our host:

Host Jeremy Shinewald is the founder of a portfolio of companies dedicated to supporting the unique aspirations of students and professionals. Jeremy’s firms include mbaMission and jdMission (admissions advisory services for prospective MBAs and lawyers), MBA Career Coaches (career coaching for MBA students and post-MBA professionals) and M7 Financial (accessing graduate student loans). Jeremy was also a founding Venture for America Board Member and is currently the Chair of VFA’s Entrepreneur Board.


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