The Queen City combines metropolitan resources with a small town charm, lush greenways, and a sleek uptown!

Building Companies in the Queen City

Charlotte is the second largest banking center in the nation, which has created a startup scene that revolves around financial technology. However, the Queen City is starting to see a growing presence among other startup industries such as healthcare and retail.

From accelerators and incubators to entrepreneurial events and meet-ups, Charlotte provides resources and a strong community for entrepreneurs. When asked to describe the startup scene, Fellows say its “charming, evolving, fresh, and warm.”

Fellows here enjoy camping and hiking along the Blue Ridge Parkway. There’s also the Mint Museum, White Water Rafting Center, and plenty of sunshine.

VFA Charlotte By The Numbers

31 Fellows

Since VFA's arrival in 2015

17 Company Partners

Have hired VFA Fellows

1 Fellow-Founded Company

Based in Charlotte

What Fellows Love about Charlotte

What Fellows Love about Charlotte

Halley Cummings '18

“We like to do lots of outdoor activities–camping and hiking especially along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We try to have a few Sunday potlucks a month to all get together. Most of the fellows work in Uptown, so we will often meet for lunch in a park when the weather is nice.”

How Fellows Describe Charlotte's Startup Ecosystem

How Fellows Describe Charlotte's Startup Ecosystem

Sean Petersen '17

“You hear a lot about financial technologies, being a banking capital, but it’s really all over the board, with everything from dog walking start-ups to parking applications. I would describe the ecosystem as tight knit though, everyone seems to know everyone.”

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Shea Parikh '16, Founder at Jam

Shea Parikh, a 2016 Fellow, completed his Fellowship in Charlotte where he worked at VersaMe in business development and graphic design. He relocated to Detroit in 2018 for the VFA Accelerator with his company called Jam.

Jam is a platform that facilitates more human connection in theworkplace through a tool that integrates into a company’s calendar system and intelligentlyschedules face-to-face interactions between employees.

Shea is now back in Charlotte and we can’t wait to see what’s next for him and the employee-engagement platform!

Where Fellows Work

SaaS company for the financial services industry

Payment software used by transportation industries

EdTech company creating more talent in the South

"Charlotte's start-up ecosystem has done a great job at scaling the culture that is built on generous support and a willingness to help early-stage companies like Jam."

– Shea Parikh, '16 and Founder of Jam
Learn more about Jam
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