The City of Seven Hills, The Blue Chip City, Queen City. There’s no shortage of ways to refer to Cincinnati, one of the three original Venture For America cities!

Success in Cincy

Built by a community of innovators, makers, founders, and disrupters, Cincinnati has experienced a boom over the last few years. Specifically, the Over-the-Rhine district has transformed with significant investments in infrastructure. Changes include a new streetcar that connects downtown to the neighborhood, and an expansion of the district’s art scene.

Further, Cincinnati’s startup scene describes itself as an ecosystem for those who love the hustle, hard work, passion, and dedication it takes to transform an idea into a reality.

VFA Cincinnati By The Numbers

39 Fellows

Since VFA's arrival in 2012

32 Company Partners

Have hired Fellows

3 Fellow-Founded Companies

Based in Cincinnati

Where Fellows Work

Handheld instruments used for surface operations

World's largest personal styling app

Brewery in the old Moerlein bottling plant

Provides customized funding solutions

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Yelitsa Jean-Charles '16, Founder at Healthy Roots Dolls

Yelitsa Jean-Charles, a 2016 Fellow, completed her Fellowship in Cincinnati where she started building her brand, Healthy Roots Dolls. She relocated to Detroit in 2018 for the VFA Accelerator where she took home the Audience Favorite Award of $2,500 at Demo Day.

Healthy Roots is a toy company that creates dolls and storybooks that reinforce positive self-perceptions of the richly diverse, varying shades of complexion and natural hair textures among girls of color. Societal beauty standards negatively impact the self perception of girls of color.  Healthy Roots empowers, educates and inspires self love.

Yelitsa was awarded $25,000 as recipient of Main Street Ventures first winner of the Wendy S. Lea Female Founders Grant in March 2019.

Learn more about Healthy Roots Dolls
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