The National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE) is a rigorous program of study that cultivates an elite corps of extraordinary teacher leaders committed to the classroom and dedicated to closing the achievement gap in our nation’s high-needs schools. High caliber teachers from across the nation come together for an intense, residential program of learning which makes them better teachers and develops their leadership skills so they can help their peers and other adults outside the classroom. NAATE Teacher Fellows return to their schools able to have direct impact on their students, their peers and the quality of their schools. They come from charter, district and faith-based schools across the country. NAATE serves high performing teachers the way professionals in other sectors are served, to retain them and position them to have systemic impact. NAATE was founded because we see teachers as the single most important resource in the whole education equation. NAATE believes it is strategic to invest in top tier teachers, nurture them, deepen their classroom practice, and develop their skills to support and lead peers. Find out more here.

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