Today, travel can be rough. Planning, booking, and managing travel can be overwhelming, time-consuming and frustrating. It’s impossible to talk to a human for help—on most sites, customer service has been cut in favor of transaction volume. And if you try phone support? 45 minute hold. In short, the UX of travel is broken.

We are bringing humanity back to travel by giving everyone a personal travel concierge. We research and book flights, hotels, cars, and food; we proactively handle emergencies (like delays) in real-time; and we give our members access to special perks, pricing, and rewards. As frequent travelers, we believe that people should be able to travel without the hiccups that inevitably seem to occur. As technologists, we further believe that this challenge can be impacted through novel applications of AI, personalization, and thoughtful design. Our mission is to create a product that is efficient, yet deeply personal and magical.

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