Founder & CEO, Sandra Mau, brought TrademarkVision to life in 2011. Her computer vision research had been focused on security monitoring, but after a chat with friends, became excited she had the answer to more accurate trademark searching. In 2013 our first version of TrademarkVision was released to the world. We worked with several firms to perfect the offering and soon enough we were providing our technology to multiple government IP offices as well as a clientele list that boasts leading law firms and corporates around the world. We’re passionate about what we’ve created, but it’s only the first step. We believe in continual research and have a team of experts focused on protecting your brand.

Our Vision
Everything we do is a step towards being the leader in image recognition.

We do that by focusing on protecting the world’s brands though the use of cutting-edge image recognition technology.

Being the leader isn’t just about the having the best technology. We take the word very seriously and to us it is a combination of now and the future. We believe in continual research that will open doors to greater brand protection, and commitment that is shown with our long term projects, such as deep learning for logo detection.

We value people that are innovative, passionate, responsive, collaborative and of course, simply aren’t jerks.

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