Zulama’s Entertainment Technology Academy was created by faculty at Carnegie Mellon University. Curriculum is delivered through Zulama’s browser-based online learning platform into high school classrooms. We provide in-depth teacher training and support to ensure their success teaching the relatively new and largely unfamiliar areas of game design, programming, 3D art, and digital storytelling. The content is hands-on, project-based and correlated to Common Core Standards. Educational outcomes include collaboration, critical thinking, oral and written communication, creative expression, and career and college preparedness. We help schools make design thinking and project-based learning a part of their culture.

Zulama consists of three primary components: 1) leading-edge content delivered through an intuitive software platform 2) exemplary teacher training and support 3) physical space transformation (highly recommended, but not required).  Zulama’s hands-on, interest-based approach engages students, ignites student learning, and reduces discipline problems and the number of dropouts. We believe that Student enthusiasm and simple yet innovative instructional techniques energizes teachers. Through us, tudents develop portfolios that reflect mastery of knowledge, skills, and design thinking that prepares them for the careers of tomorrow. Zulama’s curriculum can be accessed through a web browser on multiple platforms, including PCs, Macs, laptops, Chrome books, tablets, and mobile devices.

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