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Application FAQ's

Can international students apply?

All applicants must be able to legally work in the United States through August 2022 to be eligible for the Fellowship. The startups that hire VFA Fellows are not able to sponsor work visas.

As a result, Venture For America only accept U.S. citizens, nationals, legal permanent residents, or DACA recipients for admission into the Fellowship.

How many Fellows do you plan to accept?

While Venture For America is highly selective, we are not competitive; there is no set number of candidates we plan to accept, and we will extend offers to everyone who meets our high bar for selection. 

Who reviews my application?

Each application is carefully reviewed by a VFA team member, Fellow, and/or alum. As we care deeply about ensuring equity in our process, a committee of expert interviewers review all decisions at each stage.  As candidates move forward in the process to the written essay, the video interview, and Selection Day, we collectively weigh in on each decision so that your candidacy may be considered from as many perspectives as possible. 

How long does the process take?

The entire process from pressing submit to landing your offer can take up to eight weeks, as we appreciate the time and effort candidates devote to the process and hope to return the favor with careful consideration.

Why are there multiple application rounds?

The different deadlines exist because people find out about the program and are ready to apply at different times; we want to accommodate the early birds and the late comers!

The admissions process is identical for each cycle, and you should apply to the deadline that works best for you and your schedule.

Is there an advantage to applying early?

Our criteria remain the same for every deadline, but we suggest applying to the earliest deadline that suits your schedule.

Fellows who join early on will get the chance to begin interacting with other Fellows right away. They’re also able to immediately start connecting with our Team and start preparing for the Match process where they’ll find their jobs.

If I'm accepted, can I get an extension or deferral?

Due to the competitive nature of the Fellowship, we typically don’t offer extensions or deferrals.

If I'm rejected, can I reapply at another deadline?

You may only apply for the Fellowship once during the same season.

However, if you remain interested in VFA, we welcome you to reapply the following year. We know that you may have grown personally and professionally in that time and would love to hear from you again.

Can I apply if I already have work experience?

Yes, as long as you’re still within three years of graduating college. Our Fellowship is designed for recent grads (meaning graduating seniors, those a year or two into their careers, or grad students with a year or two of advanced schooling). Our training, mentorship, and job opportunities are targeted to entry-level talent, so if you have three or more years of professional experience or advanced schooling, this might not be the best fit.

Can I apply to VFA if I graduate after June?

No. Fellows need to be able to attend Training Camp full-time in July  2020.  We require that all applicants expect to graduate by June at the latest. 

Can I apply if I will be abroad during the interview process?

While most stages of our application process are conducted virtually, our final round interviews, Selection Days, are all day, in-person events. If you will be abroad during the Selection Day for the deadline which you applied, we recommend choosing a Selection Day when you will be back in the country if space is available.

If you are absolutely unable to attend an in-person Selection Day due to study abroad, active military service, etc., please reach out to the Selection Team at selection@ventureforamerica.org for alternative interview options.

I applied to VFA last year, can I reapply?

Yes. If you are still eligible (within three years of graduating), we welcome you to reapply. We have multiple Fellows who applied more than once.

Please note: you may only apply once per application season.

Do I have to be a business or computer science major?

No. You don’t have to be a programmer or a business major to be a great Fellow. In fact, 75% of Fellows work in non-technical roles.

All kinds of skills can translate into success at a startup job, as long as you’re ready to hustle, try new things, and learn on the go. If you’ve been a leader on campus, gained skills at internships or jobs, and care about finding a career where you make a real impact day-to-day, you might be a great fit!

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