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Ready to start a business of your own?

Our collections of free resources are designed to help you go from idea to launch. Find where you are on your journey to entrepreneurship and click through to the info we’ve gathered to help you along.

See What It Takes Firsthand

Generation Startup, an independent documentary, tells the story of six Venture for America Fellows who put everything on the line to build startups in Detroit.

Shot over 17 months, the film follows our Fellows as they learn to fail and redefine success along the way.  

Step 01

Learn The Landscape

Get started by understanding the basics of starting a business and connect with local resources in our cities.

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Step 02

Do Your Research

Generate and validate your ideas then research what it will take to successfully launch them as a business.

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Step 03

Formalize Your Business

Move from just an idea to actual business by making everything official - from your name and logo to filing the necessary legal paperwork and creating your business plan.

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Step 04

Build Your Team

Make it a joint effort by finding a co-founder, mentors, investors and making your first hires.

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Step 05

Get Ready to Launch

Map out your runway to launch - from getting both your personal and company finances in order to finding your community of early customers and supporters.

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Step 06

Open for Business

With all of the preparation done and a team in place, take the leap and launch your new business. Don’t forget to take care of yourself by practicing time management and finding the right balance as a business owner.

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Step 07

Learn From Your Failures

Every part of your business may not be an instant success. Learn from your failures, and then keep going, constantly adjusting to make your business better.

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