Build Your Team

Build Your Team

The old adage “if you want to go far, go together” rings true for entrepreneurs.  You’ll need a team behind you to build something big.

Read through to learn how to find a co-founder, pitch to investors and make the right hires to bring your business dream to life.

Find a Cofounder

Are you a creative but in need of a coder?  Love to sell but hate operations?  You might need to find a cofounder who complements your skillset to build a stronger business.


Find Investors, Mentors and Advisors

Every young business will need the help and support of those who have gone before.  Whether it’s an infusion of funds or helpful advice, here’s how to find potential investors, mentors and advisors for your business.  


Hiring Staff

Ready to add to your team?  Hiring the right people can be the key to startup success

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