Do Your Research

Do Your Research

Once you’re familiar with the startup landscape, it’s time to start researching your business.

The resources here will take you from generating and validating your business idea through to the market research and what it takes to win.

Brainstorm Potential Business Ideas

Know you want to start something but not sure what?  Find your inspiration with these thought starters

Validate Your Idea

Already have an idea?  Before you launch anything, validate your idea to make sure that you can build a viable business from it.


Answer the questions on this flowchart (created by Molly Adair ’14) to help validate your idea.


click image to enlarge


Ask a Crowd

Ask a Crowd

The VFA Innovation Fund lets Fellows uses crowdfunding validate their ideas.  Read on to see how you can use crowdfunding for your business too.

Conduct Competitive Analysis & Market Research

Understand your industry, market and competitors with targeted research and then use that knowledge to make your business stronger.  

Identify Your Target Customer

Without customers, you can’t have a business.  Find and identify your target customer.


Build Your Minimum Viable Product

Don’t want to invest the time and money without knowing for sure what your customer wants?  Consider launching with a minimum viable product instead.

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