How to Apply

Applications for the Class of 2021 have closed, but we encourage you to apply next year! If you have any questions you can reach out to us at

Step 01

Online Application

Using this two-page application, you’ll register in our system, share your basic information, academic and demographic background, and upload a current resume. We think your work speaks for itself, but you’ll have the opportunity to share more if you choose.

We will usually get back to you within three days after the deadline.
Step 02

Online Essay

In this round, we’ll learn more about your interest in Venture For America and startups. You'll have a week to complete two essay questions: Why do you want to be a VFA Fellow? How have your experiences set you up to succeed in a role at a startup?

We'll review your essays within five to seven days of submission.
Step 03

Video Interview

Candidates invited to the video interview stage will have a ~30 minute conversation with a VFA Team member, current Fellow, or alum. We’ll talk about why you want to become a Fellow, your experiences and accomplishments. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

Video interviews take place over a two-week period and we return a decision shortly thereafter.
Step 04

Selection Day

Selection Day is a full day of group activities and individual interviews that is designed to be challenging, fun, and a great opportunity learn more about yourself, and determine if Venture For America is a good fit for you.

You'll hear back on our final decision within two weeks after Selection Day.

Application Deadlines

We have four separate, but identical, application deadlines. Our criteria remain the same for every deadline, but we recommend applying as early as possible so that, if admitted, you’ll have the most time to complete Onboarding and prepare for our Match process.

You may not apply more than once during the same season.

Join Our Next Webinar

Join Our Next Webinar

Still have questions and want to learn more? Join one of our informational webinars.

You’ll connect directly with a VFA Alum & recruiter to learn exactly what we’re looking for and get answers to all of your questions.

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Eligibility Guidelines:

To be eligible to apply for the Venture For America Fellowship, you must:


  • Be a US Citizen, Permanent Resident, DACA Recipient, or hold other work authorization that is valid through June 2023. Most of our Company Partners don’t have the resources to go through the process of sponsoring a visa, so we require independent work authorization through June of 2023 for all applicants.


  • Have earned your undergraduate degree by June 2021. By the time Training Camp starts in late June, you should be ready to go, with diploma in hand. The Fellowship continues immediately after training with a full-time, two-year commitment to work at a VFA Company Partner, most of whom require at least a Bachelor’s degree.


  • Have graduated with your first undergraduate degree in 2018 or later. Our Fellowship is designed for recent grads (meaning graduating seniors, those a year or two into their careers, or grad students with a year or two of advanced schooling). Our training, mentorship, and job opportunities are targeted to those fresh out of college, so if you have three or more years of professional experience or advanced schooling, this isn’t the right fit.


  • Note: we don’t have a GPA cutoff, but we do have high expectations across the board for our Fellows. If your classroom performance isn’t an accurate reflection of what you bring to the table or your ability to perform in a high-pressure environment, make sure to let us know why in your application.


All that said – if you feel very strongly that VFA is the right next step for you, but don’t meet one of the above criteria, you can still apply and make a case for why you’d be a great fit.

How to Prepare

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Make the best case for yourself in the application

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Get Your Resume Ready

Here's how to format a startup resume.

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