Kansas City

Small but mighty, Kansas City is the newest city in Venture For America's network!

The Newest VFA City

Kansas City’s local government is dedicated to supporting its emerging startup ecosystem. This commitment means exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs in this city. Further, The Kansas City Startup Foundation, Kauffman Foundation, and KCSourceLink also play key roles in advancing Kansas City’s startup community.

As for the entrepreneurs who live and work here? They embrace Kansas City’s top-notch amenities and pay-it-forward mentality, and they don’t shy away from lending their insight to other startups.

Kansas City’s VFA claim to fame? It is the newest city to join the Venture For America network. Fellows who work here get a true entrepreneurial experience when it comes to building the VFA community.

VFA Kansas City By The Numbers


Year VFA launched in Kansas City

10 Fellows

Since VFA's arrival in 2017

8 Company Partners

Have hired Fellows

How One Fellow Describes Kansas City

How One Fellow Describes Kansas City

Apurva Kasam, '18 Fellow

“If a Fellow were to get involved in the community, it would be like tapping into a pool of endless mentors. The startup community is extremely close!”

A Fellow's Favorite Element of Kansas City

A Fellow's Favorite Element of Kansas City

Chad Feather, '18 Fellow

“Kansas City has a bustling startup ecosystem where everybody truly wants to help each other. There are many great companies being built in KC and many are finding KC has an abundance of resources when it comes to growing. While we don’t specialize in sectors, we do see strengths in IoT, machine learning, and health tech.”

One Fellow Explains Kansas City's Impact

One Fellow Explains Kansas City's Impact

Adam Rukin, '18 Fellow

“Startups here are solving real world problems, they are simply effective. Whether that is uprooting the car hauling industry, smart city initiatives, new super foods, or AgTech, there is a wide ranging and explorative nature to our ecosystem. We are a tight knit, supportive, creative, and expanding market in all senses.”

Where Fellows Work

Sidecar fund investing in Kansas City startups

Software startup focused on the Internet of Things

Mobile platform helping transportation companies

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