The VFA Experience

Venture for America is more than a two-year fellowship—it's a tight-knit community and a lifelong resource. Find out what it means to launch your career with us.

Your Two Years and Beyond

Get a Job

Train with Experts

Work at a Startup

Launch a Company

Interview for jobs with partner startups

Not every job is the right fit for every Fellow. That’s why we don’t place Fellows in jobs.

Instead, once you join VFA, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the vetted companies in our network. From there, you’ll do your research, reach out to the companies you’re interested in, interview over the phone and in-person, and choose the offer that makes the most sense for you.

You’ll be driving the process forward, but you’re not in this alone—we’re here to help you refine your pitches, prepare for interviews, and weigh job offers. We even host regional job fairs in VFA cities during the spring, so you’ll have a chance to meet a number companies in person (and see the local sights) before making a decision. Most Fellows have jobs secured before starting Training Camp.  

Learn at Training Camp and beyond

Learn at Training Camp and beyond

We make sure Fellows are ready to contribute to their startups from day one.

That’s why your first event as a Fellow is our annual Training Camp, a five-week program that prepares you to excel in a fast-paced, high-intensity startup environment. You’ll spend your first summer living and working alongside the rest of your Fellow class, honing the skills you’ll need to add value at your startup and also introduce you to the knowledge you need to become a founder, and developing the mindsets—and friendships—that will keep you calm and grounded along the way.

Through a combination of group challenges, visits from experienced entrepreneurs, skills sessions from expert trainers like IDEO and McKinsey, and time to get to know your fellow Fellows, you’ll feel as prepared as you can be for day one.

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Work full-time at a startup

At work, VFA Fellows are thrown into challenging professional environments where they’re expected to work proactively and tackle problems without a lot of direction. It can be tough. But it can also lead to a tremendous amount of growth.

No two jobs are alike, but as a Fellow, you’ll wear a lot of hats, discover and hone your strengths, and contribute firsthand to the growth of something new, with all the frustration and satisfaction that entails. You’ll learn, grow, and emerge a stronger person who can help make a range of organizations more successful.

Launch your own company

Launch your own company

There many ways to help build a company. Becoming a founder is just one of them.

We don’t expect all of our Fellows to go on to start their own companies, but we know that the process can be challenging, exhausting, and lonely. We make sure that none of our Fellows are building in a vacuum.

Our launch programming supports aspiring founders at every stage of the process, from generating and validating ideas, to developing a business model, to fundraising. And we know it works—so far, more than a quarter of our alumni have gone on to work full-time on their own companies, and Fellow-led ventures have participated in Y Combinator, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, TechStars, and more.

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