We can help you start a company

We believe every Fellow has the potential to build something great. But we know how hard it is go to it alone. That’s why we’ve developed resources to help our Fellows become founders at every step of the journey.

Whether you’re toying with a fledgling idea, developing a side project, or preparing to launch a company, we have the resources, programming, and network to help you succeed.

We have the track record to prove it. So far our alumni have launched 41 companies that employ more than 195 people. Fellow-led ventures have participated in Y Combinator, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, TechStars, and more.

Here’s how VFA can help you succeed.

 Launch Resources



If you think you might want to launch something, Side-Project-a-Thon (we call it SPaT) is the place to get started.

Think of SPaT like an accelerator for ideas: 36 hours of collaborating with your fellow Fellows on the problems you want to explore and solve, hopefully laying the groundwork for a real side project. SPaT happens every summer during the VFA Reunion, when Fellows and alumni gather at Training Camp for a long weekend of building and learning together.


Innovation Fund

An annual crowdfunding competition with up to $40,000 in prizes, the Innovation Fund has kicked off some of our favorite Fellow-led companies, projects, and community initiatives.

During the Innovation Fund, participants work closely with our Launch team to refine their idea, set a fundraising goal, devise a plan, and then spend four intense weeks raising money for their projects.

The crowdfunding competition gives Fellows an early read on the market for their new business and an infusion of investment funds. In 2017, 11 Fellow-led teams raised over $50,000. The Innovation Fund helped launch companies like Revival Chili and Sweat Seal.


VFA Accelerator

We know it isn’t easy to turn a side project into a full-time job. Among other things, building a company takes time, space, and support from people who have been there. Enter: the VFA Accelerator.

For four months, participants spend their time in Detroit living and breathing their company. With help from the team and a wide range of industry leaders, Fellow founders can focus solely on building their fledgling companies. From connecting Fellow founders to advisors, to providing them with space to work, to helping them figure out the legal stuff, the Accelerator is all about guiding new founders down the path to success.

At the end of the four months, we host a Demo Day for Accelerator companies to pitch to investors in our network and for a chance to raise seed capital!



Seed Fund

Wondering about access to capital? We’ve got that covered, too.

The VFA Seed Fund provides an early boost to Fellow-led companies with real potential. Each year, graduating Fellows have the chance to submit companies they’re working on, and the most outstanding receive seed investments from the UBS Venture Catalyst Awards, a pool of over $150k.

In August 2017 VFA launched our first Seed Fund of $1,000,000 aimed at more mature Fellow founded ventures, and will make 15-20 investments over the next two years into proven companies with significant traction.

Social Enterprise Award

Fellows interested in tackling societal challenges and improving their local communities have access to up to $40,000 annually. We bring in experienced social entrepreneurs to help Fellows vet ideas, and a panel of judges from organizations like CVC and NBCU selects top projects to receive funding.



Whether you’re a Fellow or alum, the VFA community will support you as you build your company. From mentors who have been there, to team members who will proofread your marketing campaigns and weigh in on hiring decisions, we make the process of launching a business a lot less lonely.

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