We Will Help You Start a Company

Not every Fellow will want to start their own company. For those that do, we have the resources, programming, network, and funding to help you succeed

From Fellows to Founders

We’ve developed resources and programming to help our Fellows turn their entrepreneurial dreams into reality. Whether you’re just toying with an idea or are ready to go to market, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.


Success Thus Far

Our approach to helping our Fellows launch companies has produced amazing results so far. Our Fellows and Alumni have launched over 130 companies that have created almost 450 jobs. To date, they have raised over $80 million in combined venture investment and brought in millions of dollars in sales. 

Fellow-Founded Companies have gone on to participate in some of the country’s most prestigious and competitive incubators and accelerators, including Y Combinator, the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, TechStars, Project Entrepreneur, and more.

Finding and Testing Business Ideas

You might think that the ideas for great businesses just happen, by serendipity or divine inspiration. In fact, most entrepreneurs will tell you that coming up with ideas for a business is a regular process and practice. Many call it a muscle – something that can be trained and improved upon with time and dedication.

To help our Fellows come up with ideas for tomorrow’s next great businesses, we have an ideation curriculum – programming and events specifically designed to get the creative juices flowing and to test the ideas that arise.



An Accelerator for Ideas

If you think you might want to launch something, Side-Project-a-Thon is the place to get started. (We call it SPaT for short).

Think of SPaT like an accelerator for ideas: 36 hours of collaborating with your fellow Fellows on the problems you want to explore and solve, hopefully laying the groundwork for a real side project. SPaT happens every summer during the Training Camp, when Fellows from the previous year’s class gather for a long weekend of building and learning together.

Validation Challenge

Validation Challenge

Testing Your Idea

Once you have an idea, the Validation Challenge helps you test it on a small scale to see if there is a real opportunity to turn it into a business.

Fellows in the Validation Challenge have the opportunity to pitch their early ideas and compete for a modest prize (up to $1500) to help create and test a minimum viable product. This early investment helps Fellows get one step closer to working on full-fledged businesses.


Getting Early Traction

You have an idea and you’ve done the early tests to make sure it’s solid. Now it’s time to gain some traction, the early wins that will help you build momentum around your company.


Social Enterprise Award

Fellows interested in building businesses that tackle societal challenges and improving their local communities can compete in our annual Social Enterprise Award pitch competitions. Supporters like Comcast NBCUniversal and CVC make up to $40,000 available to Fellows to help fund their socially-focused companies.

Past winners include Healthy Roots and PathSpot.


Growing & Scaling Your Company

Access to needed capital can be the difference between a promising business and one that becomes a long-term success. We make sure that our Fellows are covered there too.


VFA Accelerator

We know it isn’t easy to turn a side project into a full-time job. Among other things, building a company takes time, space, and support from people who have been there. Enter: the VFA Accelerator.

For four months, participants spend their time living and breathing their company. With help from the team and a wide range of industry leaders, Fellow founders can focus solely on building their fledgling companies. From connecting Fellow Founders to advisors, to providing them with space to work, to helping them figure out the legal stuff, the Accelerator is all about guiding new founders down the path to success.

At the end of the four months, we host a Demo Day for Accelerator companies to pitch to investors in our network and for a chance to raise seed capital! Accelerator companies also have an opportunity to pitch for investment from our UBS Venture Catalyst Awards, a pool of over $150K, specifically earmarked for Fellow-Founded companies.

The VFA Accelerator has been hosted in Philadelphia, Detroit and Cleveland.

Seed Fund

In 2017, we launched our first Seed Fund with over $1,000,000 in investments. The VFA Seed Fund provides an early boost to Fellow-Founded companies with real potential. This fund will invest directly in those companies’ Seed and Series A funding rounds and help them grow the the next level. 


Fellows turned Founders

Fellow Founders in the News

Read more about the companies our Fellows are building and what they've learned along the way.

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How many Fellows start their own companies?

To date, about a quarter of our Alumni have gone on to start their own companies.

If I'm not sure I want to start my own company, can I still be a Fellow?

Absolutely! We do not expect every Fellow to start a company. We know that is not the right choice for everyone. Many Fellows work in startups and are happy being leaders at those companies. Our goal is to eliminate the barriers to becoming an entrepreneur and to expose top talent to what those careers can be.

What if I'm not ready to start a company as soon as I graduate the Fellowship?

There’s no time limit on our support for our Fellows who want to start businesses. Whenever you’re ready to start a company, we’ll be here to help you do it—whether that’s 3 months after you graduate the Fellowship or 3 years.

Can non-Fellow-Founded companies join your accelerator?

No. Our Launch programming and resources are exclusively for VFA Fellows and Alumni in good standing.

How can I mentor Fellow Founders?

We rely on our network of investors, entrepreneurs and advisors to help mentor and coach our Fellows on their journey to build businesses. We’d love your help!

If you’re interested in mentoring or investing in our Fellow Founders, reach out to us at launch@ventureforamerica.org.

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