New Orleans

NOLA, Crescent City, N’Awlins, The Big Easy. There’s no shortage of ways to refer to New Orleans, one of the three original Venture For America cities!

Big Ideas in The Big Easy

New Orleans is remaking itself into a tech hub. Almost all schools in New Orleans are charter schools which makes for a lot of education technology startups, and there is an emphasis on hard sciences due to influences from the New Orleans BioInnovation Center

New Orleans Fellows love being part of this community and its undying devotion to the colorful and vibrant city. Known for its iconic celebrations and one-of-a-kind culture, the city is on the cusp of bona fide change, hitting the next big phase post-Katrina.

VFA New Orleans By The Numbers

84 Fellows

Since VFA's arrival in 2012

64 Company Partners

Have hired Fellows

6 Fellow-Founded Companies

Based in New Orleans

How Fellows describe New Orleans

"All of the VFA cities have different characteristics, but NOLA in particular has such a strong sense of community that becomes more evident the longer you are here."

Jin-Mi Sohn '18

"People here have an undying devotion to the place itself!"

Henry Joyce '18

"The recent history (Katrina) and historical heritage have created a resilience that is truly unique."

Christopher Frye '18

Where Fellows work in New Orleans

A collaborative workspace and community

A software company delivering human answers

Connects schools with experienced professionals

Economic development organization for New Orleans

Fellow-Founded Companies


Soulful technology designed to catalyze community

Find out more here

Tenbo Air

Delivers high-resolution 3D models and videos

Find out more here

Pollo Con Leche Productions

Production company specializing in video content

Find out more here

What Fellows Love about New Orleans

"Carnival culture attracts many conferences from all different kinds of industries creating opportunities to network at home."

Brandon Davenport '17

"Inviting and supporting each other by attending one another's events!"

Jin-Mi Sohn '18

"People don't stare at their phones while waiting at the bus stop or standing in line for a po'boy; they have conversations with the people standing around them."

Henry Joyce '18

"We’ve had Fellows join each of our sales, marketing, and customer success teams, and each of these teams is in a much better place today as a result of those Fellows."

– Martin Roth, zlien
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