Jul 7 / 2018

Making an Impact with Venture for America

July 9, 2018
By Lisa Colbert

The program offers a path towards entrepreneurship for bright, motivated students like Jeremy Tong.

If you want to be a doctor, you go to medical school. If you want to be an architect—architecture school. Lawyer? Apply to law school! For

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Jun 21 / 2018

Growing Start-Ups in Baltimore: Money, Tools and Talent

WYPR – NPR Public Radio Baltimore
June 21, 2018
By Tom Hall & Rob Sivak

Today, a conversation about cultivating start-up businesses in Baltimore.  What does it take in terms of money and people to bring an idea for a new product or service to the market? 

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May 24 / 2018

Venture For America Fellows Are Sticking Around And Crushing It In St. Louis (Just Look At Their Job Titles)

Tales of Great Daring and Little Kindnesses.

Entrepreneurship Quarterly
May 24, 2018
By Victor Mendez

In the challenging and ever-expanding realm of the startup community, every advantage and connection can result in noteworthy payoff. One such advantage can be seen in Venture for America (VFA), a fellowship

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Mar 12 / 2018

Press Release: Venture for America Receives Equity Donation from Startup

BOULDER—Entrepreneurship Fellowship program, Venture for America, announced today that it has received a one percent equity donation from Boulder-based office privacy booth company, TalkBox.

TalkBox, a Red Idea Partners venture, launched in July 2016 and has seen extreme growth in its young life. The startup hired Venture for America Fellow

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Oct 18 / 2017

No Six-Figure Pay, but Making a Difference

The New York Times
July 13, 2013
By Hannah Selligson

SOME people might look at what Brentt Baltimore did and shake their heads in disbelief. Last year, Mr. Baltimore, a graduate of Claremont McKenna College in California who majored in economics and finance, turned down a six-figure

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Oct 16 / 2017

Baltimore welcomes 21 new Venture for America fellows Baltimore

October 16, 2017

By Chelsea Prevosto

As the leaves settle on the ground, so do the newest Venture for America fellows into the place they’ll call home for the next two years. The food hall R. House, which was spearheaded by two VFA Fellows, hosted

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Oct 6 / 2017


In the Loop with Betty Liu, Bloomberg TV
August 4, 2014

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Oct 4 / 2017

For Grads Seeking to Work and Do Good

Wall Street Journal
January 21, 2012
By Emily Glazer

Ivy League senior Ethan Carlson recently turned down a job with a global-energy consulting practice and instead pledged to spend two years working for an entrepreneur, perhaps with a focus on renewable energy, in a struggling U.S. city.

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Sep 29 / 2017

Venture for America launches young entrepreneurs

Two-year-old organization was founded by lawyer-turned-serial entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

USA Today
February 2, 2014

When the management consulting and investment banking job offers and law and business school acceptance letters come in this spring, 100 U.S. college seniors will decline those typically sought-after opportunities.

They’ll choose Venture for

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Sep 18 / 2017

A worthy mission for today’s grads

New York Post
November 11, 2014
By Naomi Schaefer Riley

In theory, an Ivy League degree should prepare you for just about any career you’d like. In practice, the paths for these high-achieving grads seem pretty limited. They are, as Andrew Yang points out, “doing six things

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Sep 15 / 2017

Venture for America Establishes Detroit Accelerator, Sets New Three Year Strategic Plan

American Entrepreneurship Today

September 15, 2017

Venture for America (VFA) is wrapping up a busy summer, sharing in a recent newsletter many of the changes and accomplishments of the organization over the past few months. Most noteworthy is the third VFA Accelerator, comprised

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Sep 12 / 2017

The 2017 Stellar StartUps winners are …

The Philadelphia Inquirer

September 12, 2017

By Diane Mastrull

A seventh grader sewing since she was 6. Recent college graduates helping to make youth sports more accessible. Software developers with a system that predicts individuals’ health needs and steers

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