San Antonio

A thriving metropolis with small town vibes, San Antonio’s collaborative startup scene will inspire you to make it bigger in Texas!

A Texas Town Mixing Tradition with Innovation

From the spectacular parks and green spaces across the city to historic year-round cultural festivals, like Fiesta, San Antonio is known for its rich, ethnic and culinary heritage. Locally-founded small businesses have flourished and grown into successful corporations including Frost Bank, USAA, Rackspace, and even Church’s Fried Chicken.

Today’s ecosystem is full of accessible entrepreneurial resources and mellow networking events sponsored by committed organizations like Geekdom, Bexar County, and Launch SA, to unite the small business community and spur economic growth.

Since 2014, Fellows have called San Antonio ‘home’ and work in industries including technology, venture capital, healthtech, food, new energy, cybersecurity, aerospace and aviation, and manufacturing. Fellows love the Southern hospitality (and food) and the endless things to see and do.

VFA San Antonio By The Numbers

52 Fellows

Since VFA's arrival in 2014

29 Company Partners

Have hired Fellows

4 Fellow-Founded Companies

Based in San Antonio

How Fellows Describe San Antonio

"The warm, supportive, and artsy people here. Definitely did not match my preconceptions of Texas."

Bethany Stachenfeld '15

"You really feel like you are getting in on the ground floor and there are people who want to make a difference and enable you to do the same."

Conor Chamness '18

“A large city with small-town vibes, San Antonio's diverse and growing community is very welcoming and supportive. A perfect blend of technology, medicine, entrepreneurship, food, culture, arts, and history."

Jarui Desai ‘19

Where Fellows Work

18-week computer programming accelerator programs

Holding company that operates software companies

Regenerative agriculture incubator company

Solar energy company with a community-focus

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Sean Wen '14, Founder at Pinch Boil House and Bia Bar

Sean Wen, a 2014 Fellow, completed his Fellowship in Baltimore. Sean had the chance to learn from Baltimore’s best chefs and brewmasters through an annual VFA event, and this experience ignited his passion for food. He moved to SATX to start Pinch.

Pinch started from pop-up crawfish boils in San Antonio to support the idea of creating a fun environment for families & communities to enjoy food deeply rooted in Asian culture. Today, nothing’s changed, and Pinch continues telling their story and providing patrons with an unforgettable experience.

Read more about Pinch
Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Fellow Turned Founder Spotlight:

Ryan Cleary '17, Founder at FloatMe

Ryan Cleary, a 2017 Fellow, has a strong interest in smart city technologies that build impactful solutions and processes to make life easier, more accessible, and more equitable. From this desire, he’s built FloatMe.

FloatMe is a financial wellness solution that allows for employees to access their earnings when they need to, protect them from overdraft fees, and support the future financial stability through education resources. For employers, FloatMe’s solution increases employee engagement, happiness, health, and retention.

How does Ryan describe FloatMe? “This tackles an issue I’m really passionate about, and which I see as having a detrimental effect on society and the ability of people to thrive.”

Read more about FloatMe

What Fellows Love About San Antonio

"Fellows' time together is usually centered around food - going out to eat or cooking for each other."

Sarah Mellor '18

"Enjoying the warm weather by the pool!"

Lorenzo Martinez '18

"All the startups support each other and are related. They're always sponsoring events for others."

Kyle Bartholomew '18

"Geekdom has served as the catalyst to ignite San Antonio’s downtown tech district, and it has worked with Venture For America to put students to work at local startups."

– Lorenzo Gomez, Geekdom
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