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At Ed, Students are our first priority. We are driven by an urgency to help our students reach their potential and begin everyday with them in mind. We are only successful when our students are.  With that in mind, we are also driven by four main principles: Ed believes Birmingham must work as a team to ensure the continued success of our students. In order to maximize our collective impact, we listen to a wide variety of voices in our decision making. We strive to connect and work with a diverse network of Birmingham’s students, families, educators, and the broader community to realize our full potential. Ed believes that through on-going dialogue Birmingham can achieve the dependability, transparency, and consistency that are prerequisites for student achievement. Ed believes that Birmingham’s next great generation of entrepreneurs are sitting in our city’s schools. We are responsible for helping them reach their potential. Ed commits to trying new and bold ideas, risk-taking and constant improvement, and being a catalyst that inspires others in our community to act. Ed believes in  Birmingham. We believe our children and our communities deserve and are capable of the highest levels of opportunity. We are committed to maintaining a high level of awareness about their gifts and capacities to achieve what is possible. [gallery ids="16243,16242,16241,16239,16238"] Learn more here.
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