Andrew Albert

Andrew is a sazerac connoisseur, burgeoning culinary critic, weekend mechanic, and a native New Orleanian.

In 2014, he graduated from Loyola University New Orleans where he studied philosophy. Figuring one degree wasn’t enough he went to the London School of Economics and left with an MSc in philosophy and public policy. Andrew joined VFA as a ‘16 Fellow and spent his time working as an Executive Analyst at Lucid, in New Orleans. There he worked directly for the CEO and engaged in a host of projects ranging from product marketing to financial forecasting to office design. Being able to quickly fix any and everything earned him the name MacGyver (he admits he gave himself the name).

At Lucid, he realized that he wanted to help grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem of New Orleans. As the Director of New Orleans, he’s excited to continue growing the VFA footprint.

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