Barrie Grinberg

A city dweller at heart, Barrie grew up outside of Boston and (as part of a constant effort to one-up herself) decided to study cities as a social and cultural analysis major at New York University. Upon graduating from NYU with more accolades and “flair” than a Friday’s waitress, Barrie took on her next challenge: joining The Boston Consulting Group. At BCG, Barrie helped a variety of Fortune 500 companies address their biggest challenges and received a crash course in business strategy and travel points accumulation. At VFA, Barrie develops partnerships with institutions, companies, and individuals alike to grow its Northeast programs. In addition to getting to know the amazing communities in VFA cities, Barrie thoroughly enjoys chocolate chip cookies, cult comedies (hope everyone caught the Office Space reference!), and traveling the world. Damn it feels good to be on Team VFA

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