Cathlin Carlson

Cathlin is known far and wide within VFA as Catlion, an alter-ego born from a typo (and her tenacity). When she’s not running the mighty Programs team and supporting Fellows throughout their career adventures, she travels like a fiend, makes some of the world’s best popcorn, and brings a mindful presence to a fast-paced role. (Ask about her history of Guac Walks, Olive Outings, and Pickle Crawls, which bode well for a future leading food tours.) Before jumping into the lucrative world of nonprofits at VFA, Cathlin worked on the Global Business team at Google from 2007 until 2014. As well as managing client relationships, she focused on data and analytics and oversaw internal training efforts. She grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, graduated from the University of Michigan, and has retained her Midwestern can-do spirit. If you ever call it the “fly-over zone,” you might hear her roar.

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