Charlie Odom

Charlie believes that people are the greatest asset that any organization has, and he has dedicated his career to identifying & cultivating exceptional talent. As Venture For America’s Vice President of Talent, he leads the team responsible for recruiting, selecting, and onboarding each annual Fellowship class.

Prior to VFA, Charlie worked at Teach For America for twelve years, starting as a Philadelphia Corps Member and ending as the Managing Director of Selection, Innovation, and Strategy on the organization’s Recruitment & Admissions team (He clearly likes doing things “For America”). At TFA, Charlie was responsible for the largest overhaul to the admissions process, the research that fueled the selection model, 50,000 annual admissions decisions, and the learning & development for over 3,000 interviewers. His work contributed to Teach For America increasing annual application numbers by 12,000 and increasing the diversity of its corps from 33% to 49% people of color, making it the largest & most diverse pipeline of talent in the education sector.

Charlie graduated as a Robertson Scholar from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University with a degree in Social & Education Policy and holds a master’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania. In his spare time, he enjoys runs in Central Park, catching a Broadway show, and building Star Wars Lego sets.

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