Cris Landa

Cris was born and raised in Austin, Texas when it was still a *hidden* gem. After graduating from Colorado College as a Comparative Literature major, she jumped at the opportunity to join the start-up offices of Blue Engine, an education nonprofit about to enter its year 2. She quickly became the “swiss army knife” of the team doing a bit of operations, development, communications and program. When she left she was managing their development engine, and v-lookups on Excel were NBD. Joining a young and quickly growing organization was the best career decision she ever made, which is what excites her so much about VFA. Most recently she taught high school English in the rural Midwest, but is thrilled to move back to an urban landscape and make Detroit her home with her husband (Dan) and standard poodle (Charley). As Detroit’s Community Manager she will be the point person for all community partnerships and program support.

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