Josh Russakis

Legend has it Baltimore native Josh actually bleeds Old Bay seasoning. He attended Amherst College, bouncing back and forth between the Middle East and campus until graduating in 2013. After college, he moved to Washington, D.C. to work in counterterrorism policy. Two years, a published report, and some field research later, he left D.C. to pursue what he saw as more impactful work in his hometown.

In Baltimore he began assisting local businesses with branding, marketing, and e-commerce strategy. Finding inspiration and purpose in this work, Josh realized his passion to support the larger startup movement driving Baltimore’s burgeoning renaissance. He believes in our Fellows’ potential to build the future of Baltimore and other cities around the nation through their talent and innovative ideas.

In his off-time you can find Josh in his workshop, embracing his inner grease monkey, or looking for the perfect Old Fashioned in town.

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