Larissa Liburd

Larissa was born in the former Pearl of the Antilles, just a couple hundreds of miles away from the infamous Island of Tortuga, in the Caribbean paradise of Port au Prince, Haiti, where she learned that behind mountains, there are usually more mountains — so you’d better be ready to face and scale them all!

After leaving PAP, Larissa spent six years in New Jersey (in MAPSO, “New Jersey’s Brooklyn”) before moving to Miami, where she picked up a soccer habit, a distaste for large malls, and the inability to generate her own body heat. Seriously. If you have a sweater on you, hand it over.

In spite of her body’s natural aversion to the cold, Larissa ended up in the northeast, graduating from Yale with a degree in Political Science and a concentration in Latin American & Caribbean Studies. She honed her partnerships and networking chops at White & Case as their Social Responsibility Coordinator for almost two years before joining Team $ here at VFA, where she helps expand our portfolio of resources by working with corporate sponsors, donors, and partners to advance the VFA mission.

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