Mike Henrich

Mike comes from “just outside of” Philadelphia, where he spent the bulk of his youth attending art classes and listening to Clash CDs on his walkman — hobbies which paid off, because that’s the exact kind of Curriculum Vitae that gets you into Vassar College. At Vassar, he reached peak liberal arts as the manager of the school’s independent community radio station, where he broadcast an impressively eclectic variety of music — spinning everything from early 80s punk to mid-to-late 80s post-punk — and drank coffee all night so that he could rescue the station from dead-air and wayward 4 a.m. DJs. After college, Mike accidentally started sleeping again — so he got a job at a coffee shop. He consumed so much caffeine, in fact, that he leveled-up from Barista to Cafe Manager to Corporate Operations in just over a year. He eventually left the big bean for VFA, where he proudly supports the powerhouse Operations team.

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