Nathan Jayappa

Nathan hails from the heartland of America, Nebraska, where he was born donning a Huskers jersey. After making his way due north to attend the University of Minnesota and earn degrees in Finance and Accounting, he tasted life as a financial analyst at a Fortune 100 Company and soon found it suffocating. He joined a startup in the Healthcare industry and later moved east to Pittsburgh (a VFA city!) to earn an MBA and an MS in Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. Upon graduating,Nathan continued his expedition east to Nairobi, Kenya to help structure and supervise impact investments in small and medium sized companies throughout East Africa at the Grassroots Business Fund. He then found his way to NYC to manage program compliance, financial growth, and strategy at charity: water. Nathan joins the incredible team at VFA to help the organization efficiently scale through optimizing its operations and finances. When he’s not communicating solely through numbers, algorithms and charts, you can find him at stuffing his face at cafes throughout East Village, likely planning the next destination to take his camera, strap on scuba gear, or hike/camp off the beaten path.

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