Rajul Parekh

Rajul hails from the suburbs of the Windy City and graduated from Northwestern University in 2013 with a degree in Economics. Eager to do something different post-graduation, she moved to NYC on a whim to work for an EdTech startup. Rajul learned to embrace uncertainty, developed grit and perseverance, and built numerous technical and communication skills. After hustling for a year, she craved a new challenge and headed to Accenture. As a Strategy Consultant, Rajul helped a variety of companies in Telecom, Retail, and Education solve difficult problems with innovative solutions. Though Rajul grew personally and professionally (and learned how to live out of a suitcase) she always owed her success to the fast-paced, high-growth environment of a startup and wanted to share the impact entrepreneurship had on her with others. Hence, she joined VFA’s Company Partnerships team to help build relationships and create more opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. Rajul sits on the board of YEP-NYC (Young Education Professionals), is a lifelong dancer, loves to bake (can barely cook…), and has wanderlust far too often for her bank account to sustain.

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