Sara Williamson

Sara grew up among the pine trees and kudzu hills of rural Alabama [Roll Tide], and then traveled to the top of a Tennessee mountain to graduate with an English Lit degree from the University of the South. Craving a need for social impact, she earned an MPA and grew micro-enterprises with out of school youth deep in the heart of Alabama’s Black Belt. With a passion for building things from scratch Рbut knowing nothing about education- she was called to Birmingham by an organic urban farm looking to progressively re brand into the teaching realm. She designed a comprehensive food-based model, helped build a thriving new Fellowship program, all while managing the education of thousands of students. Two years later, Teach for America recruited her to to build community partnerships and foster local change agents across six counties in Eastern North Carolina. As Director of the Southeast Region at Venture for America, Sara manages community partnerships, fosters Fellows and actively supports donors on her home turf. When she is not busy building VFA, you can find her eating kale salads, watching films on Sunday and running up and down the streets of Birmingham.

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