Todd Nelson

Todd grew up in Winston-Salem, NC as a planet-saving overachiever who focused his eco-energy on everything from building a compost bin / fly magnet in his parent’s backyard to organizing Columbia University students for campus sustainability. Upon graduating, Todd took a leap of faith with a brand spankin’ new fellowship program called Venture for America, and moved to Detroit. For 2+ years, he built nationally-recognized entrepreneurial training programs for NextEnergy, a green energy incubator, and afterwards, travelled for 3 months through the Mediterranean and Europe. While on a train crossing Romania, he began taking notes for what would transform over the next two years into his first book, focused on the difficulties of the transition from college into the real world, secular spirituality, and the psychology of identity change and meaning formation. He’ll let you know when it hits the shelves, and in the meantime, he’ll be working with VFA’s Programs team to build community amongst Fellows and Alumni and design educational and experiential programs forĀ (and with) them.

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